Introducing Our Word Video Project and Our Participants

Join us as we prepare to launch our first Olea Press video production.

Our video project  purposes to provide a creative, visual platform by which Zaytuna students, faculty, and staff would be able to express their thoughts on topics often neglected in the common spaces, namely the classroom.

This is because Olea Press is dedicated to giving due attention to socially-relevant issues with unwavering commitment to the moral and ethical. At Olea Press, we aim to get to the core of issues, by extracting the oil from the olive. We believe knowledge to possess the radical ability to penetrate both writer and reader. Join us as we aim to realign the focus of our publications on the heart and mind. 

Our participants were given one-word prompts on subjects varying from identity and social vices to seemingly pedestrian and ordinary aspects of life, such as anger, friendship, and honor.

Lastly, a thank you to those who made our project possible:

I find it utterly impossible to give due appreciation for the generosity shown by our eloquent and passionate participants and, most of all, our extraordinary film maker, Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed. I will do my best to offer my sincere and intimate gratitude to those who made this project possible. Thank you for your vibrantly colorful thoughts. Thank you for your glowingly indispensable enthusiasm. Thank you for your undeniably valuable time.

May God bless you all.

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